As Architects, we respond to the clients needs finding the simplest solutions. The simpler the better, longer lasting and more efficient.

We design using the following ethos; reuse what you can reuse and use local materials where possible; use what skills there are around you; use the site; the climate and the context to enrich your home.

In building, there are a lot of times where value can be found, in the design, in quality trade and in the living. This is worth searching for.

Thomas is a registered Architect living in Brisbane. He has been working with his hands for many years with a focus on timber and earth. Through this he has built a valuable knowledge of construction and a love for the hard work, passion and toil that goes into building.

Thomas has learned from award winning architects and is experienced with small renovations, commercial buildings and multi-story residential buildings.

Thomas is co-director with Five Mile Radius, an architectural studio centered on the use of local resources in construction and is a committee member with the Earth Building Association of Australia.

He received the Deans commendation during his Masters in Architecture and travelled with an international humanitarian competition in Japan looking at rehabilitation of the Tsunami devestated Tohoku region.