Rainforest by Transcription

By far the most challenging and exciting semester of this degree. We were taught by a visiting professor from Spain, Antonio Sanmartin who ran a challenging semester of model making, tight deadlines and regular critique. The result was a valuable lesson in balancing creativity and economy in architectural process. In this  the product case is a large canopy over a public space with an agency at its base. The agency contains an incubator, a supercomputer and a lost steps space. The canopy is supported by several massive hollow column structures. In the centres are sunken courtyards which puncture the public space to the natural ground below and sustain rainforest planting using grey water. These courtyards are key to the organisation of the planning as way finding devices and as focal points for key spaces. The project includes a large public space over train lines with multiple connections to the urban fabric around. The following images include detail sections, and final models at 1:250 and 1:1000. 

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