Hill House

Compact site with a steep slope needed to disappear from the street scape, keep the heat out and open up to the southern views. Detailing combines a respect for good craftsmanship with modern simplicity. Simple, carpenters joinery creates shading, privacy and open storage. Off-form concrete, burnished floors and block are durable and provide good shaded thermal mass to deal with the heat. All areas have close connection to garden with careful location of a central courtyard to transition from the old to new.

Peters House

The project sits on a large coastal site in the subtropical east coast of Australia. With a beautiful view to the bay and a north facing slope, the design called for a new garden home to fully utilise the big block and enjoy the climate year round. The resting spaces stretch deep into the block and connect each bedroom to a lush central garden. A considered long section connects the living spaces to the central garden, pool and backyard beyond creating a lofty, high perched living space with a focus on outlook, that is also grounded in the backyard. A simple durable material pallet and uncomplicated detailing create an efficient, timeless home that is unassuming and beautiful.

Dodd House

This home utilises the most abundant locally available material, granite based soil to construct a high performing, resilient, earthen home. Nestled in dense bush land, this beautiful community was unfortunately subject to severe fire damage.  Research indicates this design as a viable fire resilient structure. Passive design principals will moderate climate extremes, as a semi-arid temperate climate, the earthen thermal mass is positioned to be shaded in summer and warmed by sun and internal heating during the cold winters. Carefully curated picture windows focus the views to with ventilation through solid shutters.

Tennyson House

Beautiful bones, post war in a riverside suburb of Brisbane. Original hardwood, Brisbane roof tiles and Brisbane Brick reused to bring good healthy living into the house. Simple efficient detailing uses recycled timbers to bring warmth and a healthy durable interior environment. Well considered openings orientate the house towards the 'best room in the house' - the back yard under an old Boab and Poinciana tree. The house is designed as a living system to give life to the interior and create a relationship with the owner.

In collaboration with Clare Elizabeth Kennedy and Five Mile Radius

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