Quiet amidst the chaos

The studio provided valuable teaching on two core ideas. One being ‘bump and flow’; described by course coordinator Michael Dickson as using architecture to encourage innovation in teaching and business through spontaneous meeting and work opportunities. The second being highrise timber construction. The massing creates a protected nature zone which, captures the sun in the cooler months and shades in the summer months.  The main outdoor space utilises the existing topography to create an amphitheatre. This is the focal space to the site where highly active edges create visual interaction and is the main area of ‘bump and flow’. Key spaces have a strong connection with each other and to the amphitheatre through the use of multiple ground planes and are open to the street and site thoroughfares. Strong visual connections are used to encourage passive community supervision. Openings within the protective wall to Ipswich road direct people using voids creating vitas to the interior of the site. The use of colour to the work pods enhance this and create a wayfinding theme throughout the project. The architecture is used to draw people to the edges in the meeting/working pods where visual interaction will lead people through the site and create memorable meandering wayfinding.

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