Closeburn Home

This house was built by the O'Shea family and has been a source of inspiration for much of Thomas' work since.

Closeburn Screen

Creative reuse of waste materials drove this playful screening device. Used materials are, treated pine joists, (frame), junk pile oregon (door), hardwood off cuts (sills, reveals) fibrous cement sheeting, (Cladding) & sample paint pots. This is the result of many years of hoarding and a passion for design.

Closeburn Library

Recycled timber forms the fine frame with ply as the shelving. The unit is modular to simplify construction. The structure is a repeated timber ladder with plywood shelving and doors to create variation. An image of the local landscape taken by the owner is overlaid onto the doors.

Closeburn Garden

Rammed earth excavated from site terraced an existing slope and built a lush sculpted environment and entry sequence. The work allowed for experimentation with earth as a building material and connected the house to its landscape. Frangipani’s and a trellis help to cool the house.